OUTTTA THE DARKNESS INTO THE LIGHT. Anthony Montes’ One Man Show am 15. und 16. Juni im FAT



Written, Directed, Starring & Lived by

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Anthony Montes’ One-Man Show, „Outta the Darkness Into The Light,” is a semi-autobiographical work consisting of reflections on some his life-altering decisions.
Written and Directed by Tony, “Outta the Darkness Into The Light” is a play that exists in the nuances of now. Depending on what occurs from one moment to the next, it can exude the dark & alarming or emanate the joyous & gleeful. In true Meisner style, it all depends on the moment.-Gus Summers

Vorstellungen im FAT:

Sa 15.6.2019 20.00 Uhr
So 16.6.2019 18.00 Uhr

Anthony Montes began THE ARTIST THEATRE GROUP in 1987. Originally from New York, he began studying acting at H.B. Studios. He moved to Los Angeles in 1983 and studied Sanford Meisner’s acting technique and the Strasberg Method. Among his teachers were Sandy Meisner, Charlie Laughton, Bill Alderson, Susan Peretz, Barbara Bain, Bob Carnegie and Shelley Winters. THE ARTIST THEATRE GROUP was started as a gym for actors, writers and directors to work and develop their crafts.


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