THE MONTES METHOD. Schauspiel Workshop von und mit Anthony Montes von 17.Juni bis 21.Juni 2019 im FAT


Schauspiel Workshop von und mit Anthony Montes

17.Juni – 21.Juni 2019

MASTERCLASS PRO 10.00 Uhr-18.30 Uhr 550,- Euro

MASTERCLASS BASIC 10.00 Uhr-14.00 Uhr oder 14.30 Uhr-18.30 Uhr 290,- Euro


Beide Kurse beinhalten freie Teilnahme am Schnupperkurs und jeweils 2 Eintrittskarten zu

OUTTA THE DARKNESS INTO THE LIGHT by Anthony Montes am 15. oder am 16. Juni !

Both classes include free introductory class and 2 tickets for the show OUTTA THE DARKNESS

INTO THE LIGHT by Anthony Montes either on June 15 or June 16 !

Contact/Kontakt/booking/Anmeldung:  Mail: oder  auf der FAT Homepage  oder fon 0171-4727809

About The Montes Method:
Anthony Montes’s, Montes Method was developed over the 30 years he has been teaching. “…I’m
like a chemist, I like to add a little bit of Meisner, Strasberg, Adler, Chekhov and bring in
some of my own methods I’ve created along the way”-Anthony Montes (Berlin interview 2017) The
Montes Method lays down the foundation found in the Meisner Technique, training the Actors to
listen, work moment to unanticipated moment, take the attention off of themselves and not do
anything unless the other person makes them do it, to live truthfully under the imaginary
circumstances, teaches the Actor how to emotionally prepare for a scene and to rid the Actor
of any self-consciousness. The Montes Method pulls from the teaching’s of Lee Strasberg’s
Method teaching the Actor to relax, apply sense memory to the work, animal exercises and more.
Anthony Montes also employees exercises he has developed during his 30 years of teaching, like
the elevator exercise, the eulogy, the 6 year old you and many others. different abilities.
Anthony Montes is unique in his way of teaching, as he focuses on each student individually,
recognizing their potential and tending to his or her needs. Instead of telling ‘how you
should do’ or ‘how this person does’, Anthony introduces different methods to help the actor
find their way and what works for them. He guides his students to help them see what they have
inside to offer, so that they can continue their work in absolute confidence.
It is common that after actors attend a workshop with Anthony Montes, they leap into writing,
directing and even producing. This goes for not only professionals, but beginners as well. By
the end of every workshop, his students continue with a greater confidence and stamina along
their endeavors. Through the sincerity of the Montes Method, Anthony dives into each
personality helping them learn ways to awaken their essence and embrace their uniqueness.
Anthony is deeply passionate about helping others to achieve their goals -but it is also up to
the student to achieve it with work.

About Anthony Montes:

Anthony Montes, is an award winning Actor, Director, Writer and Producer. Anthony has been
part of the film and theater industry for over 40 years. Anthony Montes has been teaching and
coaching actors for 30 years. Anthony is one of the few truly experienced and passionate
acting coaches today. In his early days of acting, Anthony studied and worked along side many
of the great masters including Sanford Meisner, Charlie Laughton, Shelley Winters, Bob
Carnegie, Bill Alderson, and Susan Peretz.

Anthony Montes’s, Montes Method has way of guiding actors in a way that builds depth and has
proven to be extremely effective. The results have been profound and has led some he has
trained to become successful themselves. Recently, Anthony Montes was the Guest of Honor at
the Sanford Meisner Film Festival in California.

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